Malagigi Guest House - in the center of Ferrara - is the perfect solution (three rooms - two Superior and Deluxe Rooms - and two Junior suites - two apartments) for your vacation in this beautiful city of art.

The house is small but suits me,
clean, free of expenses
and only purchased with my money

Orlando Furioso
... this is the inscription on the façade of the house where Ludovico Ariosto (1474 - 1533) spent the last years of his life devoting himself to the third and final edition of Orlando Furioso, edited in 1532.

Ferrara, misquoting, is a small town in Emilia Romagna, neat and clean, economically rich and independent, but also an author's City., It was the place where the Ferrarese writer of Jewish origin, Giorgio Bassani,, settled and chose as a setting for all his work, among which is his famous novel The Garden of the Finzi-Continis (1962).


Malagigi Guest House is named after "an epic chivalrous character ": a petty thief and cunning prankster, who become an expert at, magical arts and held good agreements with the Devil. He is one of the most amusing characters among Orlando Furioso by Ludovico Ariosto".

His adventures are also narrated in theOrlando innamorato by Matteo Maria Boiardo. He is also a character in Morgante Maggiore by Luigi Pulci.

Nicknamed "larron", he was trained in the magical arts and in robbery.

He is generally described as lively and easy going, able to infuse a bit of serenity in the adventures of King Charles paladins, sometimes too pompous and verbose with his cheerfulness and his prankster manners..

Careless to lie if it can help him to get out of trouble, Malagigi thus becomes a character in a comedy of chivalry.

His natural inclination to joke never gets too offensive or uncivilized indeed, It seems almost respectful of life and men, so absorbed with their battles to forget, sometimes, the playful and happy side of life."